3-Day Follow-Up Sequence for Facebook Messenger Conversations

by Sandra Gouweleeuw
3 day follow up

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In my blog of December 9th, I told you all about the follow-up process. That’s why I thought it would be a great idea to share the follow-up sequence for Facebook Messenger conversations James taught us during a coaching call.


3-day follow-up sequence

A follow-up in messenger can be even more important and powerful than follow-ups through emails because it can be much more unique, conversational and personal!

So after you’ve sent people the link to your product, I’ve learned about a 3-day follow-up sequence you can send your new (or potential) customers.

These three follow-ups will make sure that you can keep in contact with them!

Day 1: Invite your customers into your private Facebook group

Facebook groups are a great way to keep in touch with your customers as I’ve already said in one of my previous posts.

In your Facebook group, you can post content that will help your audience regularly. Pro tip: always make sure that people don’t spam in your group! You want your group to be a place where people can find useful information.

If you’ve had a good conversation with your new/potential customer, you now know what their biggest struggle is. On the first day after you’ve sent them the link to your product you can, therefore, invite them into your Facebook group, and say that you will write a post about the exact same thing that they’re struggling with. This will be a great incentive for them to join because you’re giving them value right from the very start!

Day 2: Lead magnet delivery

Lead magnetIn the Accelerator Program from InternetProfits, we’ve been given a grand total of six different lead magnet PDFs which we can give to people for free! These are documents which give great value to the people that get them and eventually lead to an introduction into the product that you’re really offering.

So on the second day, the goal is to refer people to your lead magnet by asking them if they fancy a copy and then sending them to the landing page on which they can acquire it. On this landing page, people have to give you their email address to actually get the PDF. Thus, ensuring that they also end up on your email list when they want the free PDF you’re offering.

James created his own lead magnet (about the free Facebook traffic strategy) which he graciously shared with us to adapt it and create our own. I look forward to getting started on that! 🙂

Day 3: What to do if people still haven’t bought your product

Even after giving people so much value, it can be the case that your potential customers haven’t become actual customers yet. At this point, it’s important to find out why they haven’t done that yet.

In order to do that you can ask them what’s holding them back from buying your product. This will open up the conversation and will hopefully let them give you a very honest answer.

Their answer will allow you to find out what their true objection is. Once you know that, you can deal with it and try to find a solution to their objection!


What not to do

You might have noticed that in this 3-day follow-up, I haven’t asked once if someone has actually bought the product yet I provided a link for. I believe it’s important to keep in touch, but also give your potential customer time to decide if he / she wants the product you’re offering.  This will make your follow-up process a lot less pushy then if you, for example, just ask them (sometimes even multiple times) if they’ve had the chance to buy your product yet.

So don’t keep asking someone that to soon! You don’t want to be pushy. You want people to know, like and trust you! 😉

And to do that you should always give value!

Try not to become a man of success. Rather become a man of value. And success will follow!


What are your thoughts on the 3-day follow-up?

Let me know what you think!

Until next time!

Note: instead of writing a blog every week, I’m going to do this only once a month for some period of time.
So it will take a little bit longer before you can read my next blog, but I’ll definitely will by back (-:
Just contact me if you have any questions I can help you with.



Habib March 21, 2021 - 6:21 pm

Hello this article is really knowledgeable and I appreciate it sandra

Sandra Gouweleeuw March 22, 2021 - 5:59 pm

Hi Habib, thanks for your compliment 🙂


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