Challenge Accepted: Organic Facebook Strategy

by Sandra Gouweleeuw
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Hi there!

Welcome back to my latest blog!

As promised in last weeks blog, I will tell you all about how I did in the organic Facebook challenge 😊


Quick recap Facebook challenge

Alright, let me start by giving a quick recap about what exactly the challenge was. Everyone who had accepted the challenge was supposed to find people on Facebook and hold a conversation with them according to the ARQ (Acknowledge, Respond, Question) principle. Hopefully, this would let us find out what people were struggling with, discover if the Iceberg Effect book will benefit them and if you think it does, offer the book. By the end of the week, we had to send a screenshot of at least one such conversation.

Sounds easy enough right?

Well, it was not…


Finding the right people

finding peopleAnd the reason for that was mostly that I found it very difficult to find the right people to start a conversation with!

James had already told us how to search for good Facebook groups to find these people in. However, it turns out, being in the right groups and finding the right people are two very different things (or I might still not be in the right groups haha!).

Nevertheless, the groups I am currently in seem legit enough: they are all private groups, without a lot of “spammy” content I used to found in public groups.

But still, it was so hard to find the right people because so many people in these groups seem like they are already well established in the affiliate marketing business! This is the exact opposites of the beginners I would like to find. After all, beginners are the people I’m currently best able to help!

It is also pretty difficult to find people from the so-called tier 1 countries (USA, Canada, UK, Australia, New Zealand). You may be wondering “why only tier 1 countries?”. Well, there are two very simple reasons for this actually.

First of all, these countries are all English speaking and the book (as well as the following Accelerator program) is in English. So a good understanding of the English language is a must. Moreover, these countries are usually pretty prosperous and that means that its residents usually have some money that they are able to spend on the products you’re promoting 😉

Even though the Iceberg Effect that I’m actually promoting is Free (people just have to cover a small fee for shipping & handling), the Accelerator program that people can apply for is obviously not (But it’s worth every penny!).


The conversations

ConversationEven though these requirements made it quite difficult to find the right people, I still found some good prospects and started a conversation with them!

James told me that usually only about 25% of the people you start a conversation with, respond back to you. Unfortunately, he was right…

Because from the 5-10 people I was able to add each day, only about 1-3 responded. And about 1 each day turned out to be into Bitcoin trading instead of affiliate marketing!

Nevertheless, I think that the conversations I was actually able to have were overall pretty good! I found out I love to communicate with people like this and I was able to apply ARQ to most situations and get some people to open up a little about their lives.

However, I definitely didn’t have enough time to really go in dept with these people and really uncover their underlying struggles in order to find out if they would benefit from reading the Iceberg Effect…

After all, most people who I was talking to were from countries with a huge time difference of my own (The Netherlands). That meant that I was basically only able to say one thing to them and heard back from them the next day. This is definitely something I will need to change going forward with this organic Facebook strategy. I need to free some time in the evenings (for me at least) to respond to some more messages.

That will hopefully also solve that some conversations kind of just died out at some point!


My takeaway from this challenge

I still think that, overall, I did pretty good for my first time (even though I wasn’t able to actually “drop” my offer to anyone yet).

But for this challenge, I, unfortunately, had to send James an unfinished conversation. It was better than nothing right! And at least, I applied ARQ, for which I’m very proud 😊

It was pretty hard to think of the right questions to ask to uncover the struggles in addition to the struggles I had with finding the right people…

Nevertheless, with time, I’m sure I will be able to do it! I’ll just have to keep practising, and practising, and then practice some more!

For the things we have to learn before we can do them, we learn by doing them


Stay tuned for James feedback on the conversation I send in for the challenge (in 2 weeks!)

In the meantime, would you only go for people from tier 1 countries? Or would you not mind trying to find people from other countries as well?

Let me know!

Until next time!


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