Facebook Ads Actually Work in 2020!

by Sandra Gouweleeuw

Hi there!

This last week has been an amazing week! I finally made my first sales with Facebook Ads! Yes, you heard me right: sales, as in plural!!

But, before I get lost in my excitement, I will tell you more about how exactly I achieved that 🙂


A little recap

If you’ve read my previous blog posts, you know that it all starts with determining your audience and setting up a campaign.

Determining the right audience is really a trial and error phase, but so far, my chosen audience has at least already led to some results! But I’m not satisfied yet, so I will keep improving that! As you should too because you will definitely not get it right on the first try 😉

I did finally get my campaign goal right: conversion with optimization for purchases!

Although this is all very important, your ad still won’t be successful if you don’t have an attractive ad.


Finding the right text, title and image/video

Some other things that you need are the right text, title and most importantly an eye-catching image or video. As you can imagine, the first thing people usually see is your image or video. Only if that catches their eye will they look at the title and then the text you’ve written.

So you need to find or make an image or video that stands out but still clearly fits your product. In my case, I went with an image, because I’m not that confident in videos (yet!). You can use your own image, but Facebook also offers free use of stock images! So you will have plenty to choose from 🙂

Then, it’s time for the real brainstorming! Coming up with a good text is definitely not as easy as it may seem… What I’d suggest is going to the Facebook Library and look for other ads in your area to get some inspiration, but definitely don’t copy and paste!


Important elements for a good text

Checklist(1) Think of headlines and subheadlines that will catch the attention of your readers and encourage them to read your actual text with your offer. Put yourself in your potential customers’ shoes: what would catch your attention?

(2) Once you’ve caught their attention, think about how you will formulate the problem your audience faces and why they can’t ignore it any longer. Tell them why this problem is even worse then they may think!

(3) Then swoop in and  show them your solution to their problem!

(4) Show them proof that your solution actually works! Use testimonials and screenshots etc. and really establish credibility 😉

(5) Now it’s time to  tell your potential customer exactly what they will get if they buy your solution. Tell them about important features, but don’t forget to also tell them about the benefits of your solution! Let them imagine how their life will be better when they have your solution.

(6) And, last but not least,  ask them to order your solution! Don’t beat around the bush and tell them exactly what they should do and how to do it 🙂



Once I had all those elements in place, I could finally say that I’ve had my first successful Facebook ad! I really couldn’t be happier!

Success is a series of baby steps


I’ve had multiple people order my FREE book “The Iceberg Effect” by Dean Holland (they only have to cover a small shipping and handling fee). And some of these people even bought an upsell. One of them even bought TWO upsells!

Something I’m also really happy about is that people are also liking my ad, commenting on it (in a positive way!) and even sharing it!

I’m really hopeful that, if I continue to improve my audience, title, image and text, my results will continue to improve!

Things are really starting to look up 🙂

So, what do you think about the tips I gave for writing a good and engaging text?

Do you have any other tips?

I look forward to seeing your thoughts!

Until next time!


Kabie September 29, 2020 - 6:14 pm

I added 2020 to your headline. Facebook ads actually works in 2020. Things were different in the early days of Facebook when one could get cheap traffic with very little investment but things are quite different off late.
Facebook ads are now appearing more expensive off late. And I do hope you will agree with me on that.

Sandra Gouweleeuw October 4, 2020 - 2:00 pm

Hi Kabie, thank you for your comment and insight! I absolutely agree with you that Facebook ads (and other advertising platforms as well) are very different from what they used to be. They have indeed become a lot more expensive, but if you do it right they can still be very powerful tools to help you generate the traffic you want. So yeah, I totally agree with you that it should be Facebook ads actually work in 2020 and I changed that as well 😉 Thanks again! Let me know if I can help you with anything.

Sonu October 5, 2020 - 9:32 am

Yeas most people using social media during a pandemic. so FB add is working in 2020

Sandra Gouweleeuw October 5, 2020 - 3:47 pm

Hi Sonu, thanks for your comment! You’re right, the pandemic has definitely given a boost to social media. All the more reason to start with FB ads right now 😉


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