How to Duplicate a Facebook Ad with Engagement

by Sandra Gouweleeuw

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This week, I’ve been struggling a lot to duplicate one of my Facebook ads that had really good engagement (likes and comments). For some reason my methods worked for all my other ads, but not for the particular one I wanted it to work for…

But before I tell you all about these methods for duplicating a Facebook ad, let’s first go into more detail about solo ads. As I said in last week’s blog, I wanted to use a solo ad to promote the LIVE webinar for this week. However, it all happened a little different to what I’d hoped…

Face trouble with courage, disappointment with cheerfulness and trimph with humility 

Thomas S. Monson


The unfortunate ending to my solo ad idea

Because I had a good experience with my previous solo ad vendor, I wanted him to put out my solo ad to his email list again.

The problem with promoting this webinar was that I wouldn’t receive the email addresses of the people that signed up for it. So, I thought that using solo ads was an amazing idea! After all, that way, I could send people to another interesting offer to first get their email addresses and then send them the offer for the LIVE webinar myself. I’d call that a win-win 🙂

Wrong ideaHowever, it, unfortunately, didn’t work out that way…

My solo ad vendor turned out to have some technical issues so he couldn’t take my order. And I didn’t have time to find another vendor that quickly… After all, you need to do your research about them first, and you can’t just choose a vendor on a whim. It probably won’t give you the results you’re hoping for if you go about it like that.

I heard this quite late, so I also didn’t have time to send another email to my email list or put a post on Facebook that people would actually read in time. And, more importantly, I learned from the mistake I made last week and didn’t want to do anything that last minute again!

Unfortunately, that was the last webinar Dean was going to give for a while, so that meant it was time to focus on other things again! (or actually go back to things I was already focusing on before this!)


Duplicating Facebook Ads

It was time to get back to focusing on creating a new Facebook ad 🙂 After all, my ad was already running for about 2 weeks and I’d learned that Facebook ads usually only work well for about 2-3 weeks. So time to change things up!

However, my ad was running pretty well and had good engagement (likes and comments)
from my audience. And I didn’t want to lose that! In the Bulletproof Facebook Ads training , I’d learned that it was possible to reuse the existing engagement from your ad in a new ad 🙂

Although this is only supposed to work if you only change the target audience and keep the rest of the ad exactly the same! So don’t forget that!

There are two ways to duplicate a Facebook ad using the Facebook Ads Manager: (1) duplicate it by inserting the ID from your current ad into your new one, and (2) using the duplicate option.

Option 1
For this option, you first need to find the URL of your current ad (from which you want to reuse the engagement). You can find this URL by first going to your Facebook Ads Manager and then clicking “edit” at the Ad Level tab of the campaign.

Then, click on the “Share Preview” button in the Ad Preview section and then click on the option “Facebook Post with Comments”.

FB share preview button

To get the ID you need, look at the URL and copy the number you find after “/posts/”.

Now, after having selected your target audience, create a new ad by selecting “use existing ad” in the Ad Setup. You will now see the option “enter post id” in the Ad Creative. Click on that and enter the ID number you copied from the URL, then click “submit”. This should have copied the engagement from your current/old ad to your new ad.

Additionally, you can also select an existing post by clicking “select post” after having chosen the “use existing ad” option. Then, you can search for your post by name, keyword, or the post ID you acquired from the URL.

Option 2
This option is a lot easier. Simply go to your Facebook Ads Manager and open the Campaign and Ad Set you want to duplicate. Hover over the Ad and click the “duplicate” option that appears.

Then you have to choose the campaign you want your new ad to become part of. To keep the engagement, make sure that you’ve selected the option “Show existing post engagements on duplicated ad” and click “duplicate”.

That sounds easy enough right? 😉  

Well, performing the steps worked out fine for me. However, one of my ads (which was doing really well in terms of engagement) was just being really weird and wouldn’t copy the engagement in the ways I’ve just explained, even though I tried both options…  :-(  Even though it did work for other ads I tried it on!

Error message Facebook

I kept getting this strange error message, saying that my ad didn’t exist when I was trying to duplicate it…

Till this day, I still haven’t found out why exactly my ad doesn’t want to be duplicated. I’ve reached out to Facebook, but so far, they haven’t responded…

If I do hear back from them, I will definitely let you guys know what happened so you will know what to do should you run into the same problem! So stay tuned to find out!

Although I think it shouldn’t normally happen to you, and my ad is just being temperamental!

Meanwhile, please let me know your thoughts about my blog 🙂 What are your experiences using solo ads?

Which duplication option would you prefer to use and why?

Let me know!

Until next time!


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