How to Run a Free Giveaway Promotion with Your Affiliate Product

by Sandra Gouweleeuw

Hi there!

Thank you for reading my blog!

I hope you’re all enjoying a nice summer 😉

Even though I’ve taken a well deserved short break this past month (and I hope you have too because taking breaks is very important!) I have definitely not been sitting still.

In fact, I’ve set up and executed a really nice Free Book Giveaway Promotion using Facebook Ads! And in this blog I will tell you all about what exactly I did.

So let’s dive into it!


Why now?

You might be wondering, why now? After all, I said I was only going to focus on organic traffic for a while. However, I wanted to do this for a pretty long time and learned that the summer period would be the perfect time to do something like this. So I did 🙂

And in addition to that, it allowed me to take a well deserved break after setting everything up because I could sit back and watch it all happen for a little while.


The idea behind a giveaway promotion

The reason why a giveaway promotion is done, is to get lots of people on your email list and make them excited for your product (and excited to win). And even if they won’t win the product you’re giving away, you can now reach out to them with a really special offer for everyone who participated in your giveaway promotion!

Giving is an act of generosity. Giving is sowing a seed. The seed will produce great harvest of fruits  

Lailah Gifty Akita

Gathering people to participate in your giveaway promotion is usually much cheaper than trying to sell a product to them directly, so that is a great bonus :-). After all, who doesn’t want to win something amazing, right?


What you need to setup a giveaway promotion

Well, first of all, you need something good to give away as the price, the product the winner gets. And you also need to figure out what you’re going to offer the people that don’t win.

Also think about how many people need to take you up on your offer to at least let you break even on your advertisements costs. Any sale you make after that is all profit!

Once you know what you’re going to give away to the winner, you need to create a landing page. This is where you explain the giveaway promotion and gather email addresses on your email list. Also make sure that you write the date that the winner will be announced on this landing page.

Now that your landing page is set up, it’s time to start writing the email sequence your participants will receive. I wrote 8 emails in total:
1. Confirmation email that someone joined the raffle
2. An email summarising what exactly someone now has the chance to win
3. Share some interesting information about the product or your company
4. Let your participants know that the winner will be announced the next day
5. Announce the winner! (the winner won’t receive the following emails)
6. Explain your special (and time limited) offer
7. Remind them that the time the offer stands is limited
8. Give your participants one last chance to make use of your special offer

And with that, the difficult part is done! All that’s left is to actually write your Facebook Ad (or whatever platform you’d like to use). I’ve already gone into detail about tips to write Facebook Ads so I won’t go into detail about that. I’d just like to say that in my experience, shorter ads work best for things like this 😉


Special offer

special offerUnfortunately, my giveaway promotion is already finished and the winner has already received their COMPLETELY FREE copy of the Iceberg Effect book. In addition to that, he also won a FREE masterclass by Dean and the Audio version of the Iceberg Effect book.

But, I would like to offer you the same special offer that the other participants for the giveaway promotion received.

You can now get all of that by covering just a small shipping & handling fee of $7.96!

Amazing, right?

So by just covering this small S&H fee you will get:
– The Iceberg Effect book (worth $19.95)
– The Iceberg Effect audio book (worth $29.95)
– AND The Iceberg Effect Masterclass (worth $97)

On top of all that, whilst you wait for the copy of your book to arrive you’ll get a surprise in your email box directly from Dean for 7 days straight!

All of this for just $7.96 S&H.

Click here to make use of this very special offer

I would love to hear if you’re also thinking of starting such a free giveaway promotion.

Let me know!

Until next time!



Ammy July 31, 2021 - 5:00 pm

Nice Blog SANDRA.
Great Knowledge Keep It Up Best Of Luck For Your Future..

Ravi Gupta December 1, 2021 - 8:19 am

Great thanks for sharing Very beautiful information can help us to show our online presence. Your article reminds us once again of the importance of Giveaway.
Thank you.


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