Success with the Free Facebook Traffic Strategy

by Sandra Gouweleeuw

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I’m back with some exciting news! I finally got my first sales with the organic Facebook Strategy! Yes, you heard me correctly! Sales as in plural because I got TWO whole sales 🙂 And one of my customers even bought several upsells!

Unfortunately, this happened over the weekend which meant that I wasn’t able to hand them in for feedback from James during the coaching call this week (for the challenge I talked about two weeks ago!). Nevertheless, I was very excited to share this great news with everyone in the coaching call.


Great Feedback on Facebook Challenge

This week we were finally supposed to get feedback on the conversations we sent in for the challenge. James was very happy with what everyone had sent in! Of course, there’s still much to learn, but for a first try, we definitely did not do bad.

There wasn’t enough time to go over everyone’s conversations during the coaching call, so only some of our conversations were picked for the call. And I was one of the lucky few who’s conversation received live feedback from James!

FeedbackI was a bit worried that I hadn’t gone into enough depth on the personal side of things, but it turns out that James didn’t even say anything about that! Instead, his focus was on the fact that I’d applied the ARQ method so well 🙂

Just to quickly remind you: ARQ stands for Acknowledge, Respond and Question, respectively. This method is what you should apply in every good conversation. You first acknowledge that someone said something. Then you respond to whatever they said and lastly, you end with a question.

I’m very glad to hear the praise that James gave me for my application of the ARQ method because I’d very diligently tried to do that 🙂 And it wasn’t just James that said that! The other “students” on the coaching call also thought so. Long story short: I was very happy 🙂

However, I still have to learn a lot. It’s definitely not easy to do it quickly yet, and I constantly have to refer back to a script that I’ve created for myself with possible questions to ask.  But I believe that with time and practice, I eventually won’t need the script anymore!


What could I have done differently?

Of course, I wasn’t just there to be patted on my back. I was there to learn more and find out what I could have done better or differently!

One of the things I want to find out during the conversations I’m having with prospects (potential customers) is what their biggest struggle is. After all, once you know someone’s biggest struggle you can determine whether the product you’re promoting will help them with that! It’s not that easy to get someone to open up about something like that though…

I sometimes just asked right up what people thought their biggest struggle is. Some of the times I did that, I actually received an answer (maybe some people just respond better to directness!), but other times people just ghosted me afterwards…

Tip 1
So my biggest takeaway was to not ask that directly, but to find out by asking other questions which eventually lead to the answer you want to know! These questions, of course, depend on the conversation you’re having.

You can, for example, first ask someone what their goal with affiliate marketing is (don’t ask this too soon in the conversation!) and afterwards ask them what’s stopping them from achieving that goal. In a roundabout kind of way, you have now found out what their biggest struggle is (or at least a big struggle).

However, every conversation is different so this won’t work for everyone… This is just something I have to practice, practice and practice, until eventually, I’ll naturally know what to say to specific things!

Tip 2
Another great tip I got out of it was how to formulate questions at the beginning of a conversation in a gentle way. It’s kind of weird to suddenly ask people you don’t know all kinds of direct questions when you’ve only received 1 or 2 responses from yet. That’s why you could, for example, say things like: “can I ask…” or “if you don’t mind me asking…” before you ask your actual question.

Once you feel like you know them a bit you can just ask the questions upfront, but you have to kind of work towards that just like you do in actual spoken conversation.

You should always try to create an environment in which people can be honest with you!

I’m very excited to apply the tips I’ve received and keep improving until I’ve really made this free Facebook strategy my own!

The best way to succeed in life is to act on the advice we give to others


In the meantime, I’m really curious to hear if anyone has tried applying the free Facebook strategy yet? How is it working for you?

Until next time!



Bloggancer November 27, 2020 - 3:04 pm

There is a lot of competition.

Sandra Gouweleeuw November 29, 2020 - 6:09 pm

Hi Bloggancer, thanks for your comment. Indeed there’s a lot of competition. That’s why it’s important to connect with people on a personal level. For me Facebook messenger is a great way to have one on one conversations and make that connection 🙂 I believe that’s the key to success!


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