Which Software to Choose? Builderall or Wordpress?

by Sandra Gouweleeuw
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Hi there!

Thank you for visiting my blog! This last week has been completely full of taking in so much new information! After all, now that I’m a certified partner, I have access to an extra part of the InternetProfits education section: the quick start blueprint training. This is also called the 30-day challenge. The idea is that after this 30-day challenge you have and know everything you need to start promoting products and generating an income!

Okay, so what exactly did I learn in this first week of the 30-day challenge? Let me take you through it 🙂


Quick start blueprint

The quick start blueprint is a step by step guide with a lot of videos to help you prepare everything you need to start promoting products.

One of the things you definitely are going to need is a website. After all, if you are going to promote products (or services), you need a place where a person that’s interested in this product can get some information about it. And, of course, opt-in for it 😉

The good news is that there are several DFY (Done For You) pages included in the quick start blueprint: squeeze pages, opt-in pages, etc. The only thing I had to decide is what software I’m going to use for those pages. For my webshops, I’m using Wordpress, so I’m familiar with working in this system. But the training is all about Builderall. So I decided to compare them.


Wordpress vs Builderall

On the one hand, there’s Wordpress which is free software. I chose this for my webshops because it’s great for SEO (Search Engine Optimisation). And on the other hand, there’s Builderall which is a premium software. It’s great for sales funnels and offers a lot of other features.

Let’s dive deeper into finding out which one is better!



Wordpress logoAlthough Wordpress is free, you will need other paid services in order to be able to use it. At least a domain name and web hosting. Additionally, your site will have a much better appeal if you buy a Wordpress theme for it. Usually, a theme includes a page builder and some handy standard features. If you want extra features, there are many plugins available for Wordpress. Both free and paid. It’s up to you which ones to choose!

Do you want to build an email list? Then you will also need an autoresponder.

You have to add several things to your free basis to setup Wordpress correctly, but overall Wordpress isn’t very expensive and has multiple great features.



Builderall logoIn contrast to Wordpress, Builderall is definitely not free to use! But Builderall does have the advantage that it already includes a ton of features. A domain name and hosting are just two examples of things that are already included! You can create funnels and build as many landing pages, squeeze pages and opt-in pages as you want. Also, you can send an unlimited number of emails to your leads (so you don’t need to have a separate autoresponder). It’s even possible to create webinars. I think it all sounds pretty amazing, don’t you?

There are much more features but I plan to write an extensive blog about it in the future. So stay tuned for that one 😉

Are you interested in Builderall and do you already want to find out more yourself? Then you can click on this link to visit the official Builderall website. There’s also a free 14-day trial available, so you can just try it out before you make any commitments!


Which software wins the WordPress vs Builderall battle?

And the winner is…….. both!

You’re probably wondering how they can both win? Well, because they both simply do different specific things very well. All features of Builderall appeal to me. But I love working with Wordpress because of the great SEO performance.

By the way, I just found out that it’s possible to integrate Wordpress in Builderall (although you have to choose a more expensive plan for that to be possible). So for me, that sounds like the ideal solution! You can really get the best of both worlds that way 🙂

“I have put dualty away. I have seen the two worlds are one”


What are your thoughts on the comparison between Builderall vs Wordpress?

Which one would you prefer to use and why?

Are you currently working with one of these software platforms? How do you like it?

I’d love to hear what you think 🙂

Until next time!


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