Why You Would Want Your Own Facebook Group + an Exciting Challenge

by Sandra Gouweleeuw
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Time for another blog about my amazing new coaching calls about James’ organic Facebook strategy!

Spoiler alert: at the end of the call we received an exciting challenge from James. But before I go into that, let me tell you more about what the call was all about 😉


Having your own Facebook group

In this coaching session, we learned everything there is to know about creating and having your own Facebook group. This is a great way to stay connected with all the people you communicated with in a positive way, or even became a customer, during the best free organic strategy.

You can use such a Facebook group to really start to help people out with whatever niche you’re in. You don’t have to present yourself as some sort of “guru”, just remember you’re always at least one step ahead of a lot of other people 🙂 You you can share all your knowledge and be someone who’s genuinely trying to help. In my case, that would be with affiliate marketing. Especially about things that I’ve learned from reading the Iceberg Effect book, the step by step blueprint from my mentor as well as applying that to practice.

Helping othersBasically, you will post in this group as the expert that wants to help your members. For example, you can create polls and ask your members what they’re struggling with. Once you know that you can create content (e.g. videos etc.) in which you explain these specific topics!

Besides that, just be honest about what you’re going through (the good, the bad AND the ugly). After all, people can not only learn from the tips you give them but they can also learn from your mistakes.

Never underestimate the difference YOU can make in the lives of others. Step forward, reach out and help


Always put your Facebook group on Private, because you don’t want just anyone to get in there! They have to be people you could potentially help. So before you allow them to join your group, ask them some questions.

Pro tip: always save those answers before you approve anyone because Facebook will remove those answers once someones approved! 😉

Having an actual Facebook group of my own is still very much in the future for me though! However, to be honest, I’m not sure yet if this is a way to help others that suits me. (I’ll first start with mastering how to have good conversations with people before I’ll even consider having my own Facebook group!)


The Challenge

At the end of the coaching session, James let us know about a challenge he had for us. We could decide for ourselves if we wanted to participate, but I didn’t even have to think about it! Of course I wanted to participate and accept the challenge!

Let me tell you what exactly the challenge was:

“Send a screenshot of one full conversation on FB, that utilizes the full information of what you’ve learned in the previous weeks”

ConnectingSo, I had to find people on Facebook, befriend them and start a conversation with them. During this conversation I had to find out if the Iceberg Effect book would actually be able to help them. And if so, “drop” the link to the book to them at the right time. And last but not least, of course, always use ARQ (Acknowledge, Respond, Question) in my responses!

I had until the end of next week to hand in my screenshot so I couldn’t wait to begin!

So I immediately started with finding the right Facebook groups and requesting to join them 🙂

However, it, unfortunately, usually takes some time before your request to join a private Facebook group has been approved, so I couldn’t do much else yet…

So if you want to try this Facebook strategy too, don’t wait too long with finding the right Facebook groups and requesting to join them!

Stay tuned for my next blog to find out how the challenge went!

In the meantime, I’m very curious to know if you would want to have your own Facebook group? Does it seem like a valuable addition to you? Or maybe you already have your own group. If so, what are your experiences with it?

Let me know!

Until next time!


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