You Can Still Learn a Lot Even When You Don’t Have Much Time

by Sandra Gouweleeuw
Time management

Hi there!

Thanks for reading my blog 😊

This week has been very busy for me, but unfortunately not really with regards to affiliate marketing (oops!)

But I haven’t been slacking off, I promise! In fact, the thing I was busy with this week was creating an office in my attic, so that I’ll have a quiet space that I can use to really focus on my affiliate marketing business.

I won’t bore you with all the details and hassles of doing that, though 😉

Instead, I’ll tell you what I did have time to do: attend all the coaching calls this week! Which was quite an achievement I have to say (since I listened to one of the calls while painting my office!).


News & Updates call

The first call this week was the News & Updates call. This was, perhaps, the most exciting News & Updates call to date because the new members area Dean has been talking about for Months was finally ready!

So, this call was all about doing a live launch of this new members area called the InternetProfits hub! And let me tell you, it really is a hub, because everything you could possibly need is in there! And if it isn’t you can always send the team a support ticket and request whatever you’re missing. Amazing, right?

But the most amazing thing to me was the new dedicated Pro partner area! This area contained all kinds of new training, made especially for Pro partners such as myself. I can’t wait to dive into all that new material! But since I’ve been very busy (and probably will be busy catching up to everything I missed next week) this will, unfortunately, have to wait a little while…


Coaching with James

New skillsThe next call was James coaching. I was really looking forward to this one as well because we were going to dive deeper into having a good conversation with the people you befriended (as I explained in my previous blog).

This week’s coaching was all about something called ARQ. This is something which is apparently very well known and important in the sales business (James previous job). Let me tell you exactly what it stands for:

A = Acknowledge
R = Respond
Q = Question

This is what you should do every time you respond to someone. You first acknowledge that they said something (e.g. oh cool, absolutely etc.), then you respond to whatever they said (let them know that you’re really listening to them), and lastly, you finish with a question.

That way, you are able to lead the conversation and get to know the other person. Make a genuine connection and find out if the product you’re offering, in my case The Iceberg Effect book, will really benefit the person you are connecting with.

Very cool, right? I think so at least 😊


Pro Coaching call

This Months Pro Coaching call started out with Dean giving some very good motivational and inspirational words to us! He told us to break whatever you want to achieve down into smaller stepping stones which are more obtainable.

I really resonated with this advice! After all, something might seem insurmountable at first, but if you break it down in smaller doable steps, the whole thing suddenly becomes doable as well!

And, as a bonus, you get the feeling of achievement every time you achieve any of these small steps in comparison to the disappointment you might feel every time you don’t achieve your main goal in one big leap. So I’d call this a definite win-win situation, with only positive feedback 😉

If you want to make good use of your time, you’ve got to know what’s most important and then give it all you’ve got

Lee Iacocca

During the rest of the limitless coaching call, we were allowed to ask all kinds of questions again. At some point, there was this really interesting question about creating custom audiences and lookalike audiences for you Facebook Ads.

Your Facebook Business page and email list are the perfect platforms to use to create your custom audience. You can, for example, create a custom audience of all people who have interacted with your Facebook Business page in the last 6 months, or you could import your whole email list as a custom audience!

But even more interesting are the lookalike audiences! After all, Facebook can use the custom audiences you’ve made and find other people who are very similar to the people in your custom audience. That way, you can use the people who are already interested in your product to find more people who might also be interested! This makes targeting the right audience a lot easier since you don’t need to do this yourself anymore based on interests you come up with.

However, this only works if you have a large enough custom audience… And of course always works better if your audience is larger because then there is simply more data to compare the lookalike audience to.

This is definitely something I’m going to try out in one of my next Facebook Ads, so stay tuned to find out how that will work for me 😉

In the meantime, what do you think about ARQ? Would you apply it to your own conversations?

How will you divide your insurmountable goal into smaller stepping stones to achieve your goal?

Until next time!


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